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Recycled Materials as Carnival Games

Everyone loves carnival games. These game stalls can be found in Carnival, aka Pasar Malam, which you may not find it often in your estate. These carnival games can be recreated at home or in school using recycled materials. You may also find similar set up using recycled materials in those game stalls.

Let’s look at some items which we can make using recycled materials.

1. Recycled Cans:

Cans Pyramid:

Game Ideals:

  • Cans Pyramid: Add vocabulary words or letters sound onto the can. Invite child to read aloud then throw the cans down.
  • Cans Pyramid: Add numbers to the cans. Invite child to add up the numbers on the cans that fell from the stack.
  • Cans Pyramid: Add CVC letters and invite children to make up the words from the cans that fell from the stack.
  • Tin Can Telephone: Poke 1 hole at the bottle of 2 cans, tied a string to connect both cans together.

2. Recycled Bottles:

Ring Toss:

Game Ideas:

  • Ring Toss: Recognise and name the colours by tossing the colour rings to the corresponding bottle cap colours.
  • Bottle Bowling Pins: Aligned bottles into bowling pins.
  • Three in the Rows: Child to toss the rings to create three in the rows.

3. Cardboard Boxes

Shoe Box Toss:

Game Ideas:

  • Shoe Box Toss: Using shoe boxes to create a tossing box by cutting a hole. Children to throw bean bags into the hole.
  • Puppet Theatre: Cut and fix a puppet theater using big cardboard boxes.
  • Hit the Clown: Paint a picture of the clown on a cardboard box. Cut a hole at the mouth for children to throw the ball into the clown.

These are just some of ideas teachers can implement as part of their class activities. What other activities have you thought of in using recycled materials to create carnival games? Let’s give the recycled materials a second life.

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