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Recycle, Reuse, Reduce as Part of Daily Life

Why is it important to teach the 3Rs to preschoolers? It helps preschoolers to develop good recycling habits since young. But how do we impart this habit to the preschoolers? We can help by practicing the 3Rs as part of our daily life.

In school or at home, we can start by reducing waste. For example, we can reduce the use of disposable tableware during a party or at home. We can also encourage the preschoolers not to use straws to drink and drink directly from the cup.

When we go out, bring a water bottle instead of buying bottled drinks. We can also bring along recyclable shopping bags, instead of bagging shopping items in plastic bags.

These are great ideas which we can implement at home or in school. These will help preschoolers to understand the importance of 3Rs.

Different ways of reusing items:

  • Making crafts using recyclable materials
  • Used plastic bottles can be cut up to make into planters
  • Paper from past magazines or newsletters can be folded to form a container for small stationary like paper clips and thumbtacks

We have shared some videos which you can watch to gain some ideas on what you can do with recyclable materials.

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