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Learning about Recycling with Preschoolers

What is recycling? Recycling can be a big term for preschoolers to understand. Getting preschoolers to be involved helps them to understand the concept of recycling. Learning the concept of recycling helps them to understand the needs to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Here are some ideas which you can implement in your classroom:

Discuss about Recycling:

  • Conduct a circle time and discuss about recycling as a class
  • Invite children to come up with ideas which they can do their part
  • Discuss what can be recycled and cannot be recycled

Read Books on Recycling:

 Recycling is Fun by Charles Ghigna

 10 Things I Can Do to Help My World by Melanine Walsh

 Look After Your Planet (Charlie and Lola) by Lauren Child

 Karung Guni Boy by Lorraine Tan

Create Recycling Bins/Containers in your Classroom/School:

Recycling Container in Classroom

Create 3 recycling containers in your classroom/school for:

  • Paper: waste paper, envelope, newspaper, book, magazine, cardboard, carton box
  • Plastic: plastic bag, bottle, container, CD & DVD
  • Others:  cloth, metal

Invite children to sort their rubbish into different containers. Work with your local recycling company or Karung Guni Man to collect the recycling items.

Create Recycling Posters:

Get preschoolers to create Recycling Posters and displayed them in school.

Participates in Recycling Programmes:

There are a few agency which you can be involved to extend children’s understanding on recycling. These are a few programmes avaliable:

  1. Start Small Dream Big by ECDA: It is an initiative by ECDA to empower preschoolers to innovate and problem solved issues around them. Preschool can take part in community projects or implement their own projects which will be implemented over a period of 6 months.
  2. School Recycling by Tetra Pak: Tetra Pak started the programme in 2011 and it engages school by giving talks on Used Beverage Cartons (UBC) and the simple step of “Rinse, Flip, Flap and Flatten”. They will also be providing bins for school activities. Preschools registered under The Little Green Dots are given a set of The Little Green Dots Toolkit. Participating preschools are required to submit a report to Tetra Pak on a quarterly basis.​
  3. Recycling by Tzu Chi: Tzu Chi has Eco-Awareness Centre where visitors can learn about recycling and what can be recycled. There will be multimedia presentation and guided explanations. They also have recycling points which they collect recyclables to their sorting centre.
  4. Recycling by National Environment Agency (NEA): NEA provides resources for teachers to use in their classroom. You can also contact them for recycling bins to be placed in your school. For more information you may contact NEA at 800-CALL NEA (1800-2255 632) or email [email protected].
  5. Recycling Programes by ZeroWasteSG: ZeroWasteSG has good resources which teachers can read to understand more on recycling. There are also video which teachers can show their children.

Create Recycling Craft:

You can collect recyclables and create craft with them. Like making pencil holders with toilet roll, tissue box as a toy car or a toy house with a big carton box. These are simple ideas which teachers can implement in their class.

YouTube Resources on Recycling:

We hope these ideas brought sparks about “Learning about Recycling with Preschoolers”. Do share with us what you are doing in your class. Do remember that KinderedGarden has resources which you can get for your classroom. Have fun!

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