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Kindred Garden- Earth Week Carnival 2018: Hands-on Workshop

Kindred Garden- Earth Week Carnival 2018:

Hands-on Workshops

Our preschoolers had a great time getting busy at their selected workshops! The workshops are specially catered to inculcate good recycling and upcycling habits to the preschoolers.

Cultivate Central: Worms Love Coffee

This is the workshop with the most: “ewww”, “eeee”, “aaaaa” – shriek! It was really a joy looking at the preschoolers started the workshop with their excitement scream till excitement laughter.

Children learnt about the environment and the friendly creatures that live underground and how they help to sustain life above-ground.  Through observation of worms, and what they eat, the children will understand about compost, experience various sensory stimuli, and they brought back their very own coffee drawing!

Love Terrarium – Terrarium in a Bottle

Terrarium in a Bottle by Love Terrarium, is another popular workshops among the preschoolers. The preschoolers learnt by upcycling plastic bottles into pots for their plant. They also learnt about how terrarium creates an ecosystem for the plants.

Lee Kong Chian Natural Museum – Shrinkable Arts


Have you seen the dinosaurs fossils and other animal fossils? Lee Kong Chian Natural Museum has different fossils! They also prepared templates for children to draw and colour and create their Shrinkable Arts! The children had fun observe different fossils and creating their craft. We also learnt that only plastics with the number 6 can be upcycled to recycling arts.

Preschool Market – Upcycling Plastics

Preschoolers learnt about ways to upcycle plastic bottles. They create fish craft and windchimes with the materials given. They also learn the important of reducing plastic bottles and upcycling plastic bottles so that we do not endangered the sea creatures.

S.E.A. Aquarium – Healthy Ocean, Healthy Us

S.E.A Aquarium engaged the preschoolers through storytelling and hands-on activity by creating their shark. Through the storytelling, preschoolers learnt the important conserving the ocean by not throwing rubbish into the ocean. This activity is an extension of S.E.A Aquarium’s preschool programme at Resort World Sentosa.

School of Concepts – Storytelling and Craft

School of Concepts brought their friend – Dindy the Friendly Dinosaur to EARTH WEEK CARNIVAL! The preschoolers had lots of fun in participating in the Storytelling and engaging in craft work! The activities and storytelling were engaging and the preschoolers love it!


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