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Kindred Garden – Earth Week Carnival 2018: Hands-on Activity Booths

Kindred Garden – Earth Week Carnival 2018:

Hands-on Activity Booths

Besides engaging workshops, we are pleased to have other vendors who joined us by setting up activity booths. These activity booths are engaging and fun!

SEED Institute – Parents’ College

SEED Institute – Parents’ College are our activity partner! They created 3 different recycling activities for the preschoolers. Look at the preschoolers sorting out materials into different recycling bins. They also learnt how to sort the items.

Ricoh (Singapore)

Ricoh Singapore brought in their latest technology and equipment to the Earth Week Carnival! Preschoolers were invited to draw their picture on the paper and the staff at Ricoh will scan the picture and onto the Interactive Whiteboard.

The preschoolers were intrigued that their drawings came to life! Ricoh’s equipment will definitely bring learning to life!

Genie Box

You can’t find a Genie in Genie Box, but you can find lots of learning activities in Genie Box! Genie Box is founded by 2 passionate educators and mummies who design learning activities in the box for parents to engage their preschoolers! During the Earth Week Carnival, preschoolers were engaged in activities related to the weather and the effects of global warming.

FreePlay – Sports Game

FreePlay is all about fun! FreePlay planned sports activities for the preschoolers by using recycled materials. The preschoolers had lots of fun engaging in the different sports station. A healthy me, is a healthy Earth!

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