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Interactive playhouse by PCF SPARKLETOTS

Children and teacher of PCF SPARKLETOTS Preschool @ BUKIT BATOK EAST Blk 241 worked together to build an interactive playhouse and accessories which engages the children in all aspects; gross motor skills, social-emotional skills, cognitive skills. Children get to interact with their friends during pretend-play, crawling through the tunnel, driving in the car and sorting shapes.

The playhouse is an open-ended game that fosters play, creativity, and imagination among children. During playtime, children pretend-play the playhouse as their own house and invite their friends over for a tea party. There is even a Drive Thru at the playhouse! The children will pretend that they were driving in the car and stopped by the ‘Drive Thru’ to purchase a $5 French fries!

This playhouse arouses the children’s creativity and imagination and let them wonder and surprise adults with their amazing ideas! And all this is accomplished by 3 years old children! The wonders of the playhouse that stimulating creativity among children!

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