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Garden of Games by Global Tots Preschool

Carnival games, bouncy castle, face painting, balloon sculpting, photo booth, Zumba work out, trishaw rides, art & craftwork, and lip-smacking food made for the perfect Saturday bonding for the parents, students and staff of Global Tots Preschool.

For many people, the notion of “Carnival” might conjure up all kinds of visions. At Global Tots Preschool, our team thinks differently when it comes to our annual event. We believe in working together, brainstorming and coming up with various ideas on making our booths attractive and interesting.

In planning the carnival games, our teachers took the opportunity to “green up” the scene by applying the Three R’s to our carnival planning: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

All our games, from simple ones such as Plinko Board, Pokeball Toss, Toss the Ring, Frog Leap, Golfing and Fishing Game. To adventurous ones like Commando Target Shooting, Penguin Bowl and Hot Shot were made with the 3Rs in mind.


Reducing means buying less. With that idea in mind, our teachers came up with alternative sources for the supplies that they need. They collected cardboards from deliveries made by food and stationery suppliers to make into golf game, as well as, designing their own Chuck-A-Duck game using corrugated board and paper.


Instead of buying or renting games for the carnival, our Global Tots teachers make them out of reused materials (e.g., Pipes, Wooden Planks, Plastic Bottles, Plastic Cups etc), turning them into wonderful creation such as the Frog Leap game, Plinko Board, Penguin Bowling (as shown below).


Despite our best efforts to reduce and reuse, there will definitely be some waste that is generated by our event. Thus, we minimize the impact of that waste by planning ahead for recycling. We have a small team that handles the recycling of empty cans and bottles during the carnival. With the collected empty cans and bottles, we put them to good use by integrating them into our future artworks.

Besides games, many food kiosks were also put up in the hall for the parents and students to dig into various kinds of mouthwatering snacks. We even had a Charity Bake Sale organized by one of our Parent volunteers.

Our students also took turns on the trishaw rides and a bouncy castle. An art and crafts zone showcased the creativity of the students.

It was indeed an awesome Carnival that we had! It was great to see everyone having a good time and bonding, in a very casual and fun setting. Besides our carnival being a teaching tool for green practices, our children also thrilled with prizes they had won. Thank you Global Tots Team and parents for their utmost support towards our school and making the event a very successful one! We are looking forward to our carnival this year on 21 April 2018 and look forward to applying the 3Rs in the event.

To find out more about how Global Tots Preschool does to support children holistically in their learning, you are welcome to contact us at Mobile: 9721 6231 or email us at [email protected]

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