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Agape Little Uni @ Sengkang : Garden of Games

Agape Little Uni @ Sengkang organised a parent-child bonding activity for parents to work with their children to come up with games using recycled materials.

The creativity and imagination of the parents and children were evident from the array of games they came up with. There were paper plate tennis, rings throwing, puzzles and many more.


These educational games provided children with the opportunity to hone their hand-eye coordination, shape recognition, motor skills and many more. The children had an opportunity to do a show and talk about the games they created. They spoke excitedly about the games they created, explaining to their friends how to play their game. Not only that, the children got to enjoy all the games through a round-robin session. The games were all on display during the recent parent-teacher conference too. There was a great sense of achievement and joy as the children saw their games enjoyed by all their classmates.


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